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Research + Advisory

Making the complex understandable and accessible

Our independent Research + Advisory services are focused on delivering digital enterprise strategy, planning, and advisory services. With over 3 decades of market research and practical experience, Our advisors can provide digital strategy services and guidance to businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

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Digital Enterprise + Transformation Strategy

Expert Guidance

The velocity and impact of technological disruption is accelerating at dizzying speed. Adapting to become a digital enterprise that will survive and grow is a reality. Customer preferences change, competitors gain traction, and new technologies can invalidate long-established procedures and tools. For many the answer to these challenges is attributed to “digital transformation”. But is that enough? Depending on who you talk to, digital transformation can mean a wide variety of things. And that introduces risk and confusion.

Let us help you identify the “why” of digital for your enterprise so you know what you are doing well, what you might need to improve and begin to devise a plan. We work closely with clients to create strategies that support the unique needs of your business. Our collaborative approach is designed to provide the right amount of support and guidance in alliance with your business needs and technical environment.

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Market Research

Our researchers include former Gartner and Burton Group analysts covering digital communication, collaboration, content management, and information security technologies. We've written numerous reports, white papers, articles regarding the digital enterprise, business and workplace strategies, information and security technologies, and industry trends. Our researchers have been instrumental in re-defining evolving markets that transformed industry understanding and terminology. We've lead Magic Quadrants, Critical Capabilities, Market Guides, Reference Architecture, Decision Guides and other product evaluation studies and reports.

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