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Karen A. Hobert

Advisor + Coach + Influencer


I am a guide. I make the unnavigable understandable, achievable, and safe. I see the technology destination while keeping an eye on the big picture. I help people see how to get there in strategic, impactful, and humanizing ways. A future-oriented, big-thinking technical leader with three decades of proven information technology research, knowledge, and experience. Committed to balancing vision with real-world constraints. Skilled in developing strategies for transformation, long-term planning, and day-to-day operational excellence. 


  • Dynamic and experienced IT researcher, strategist, and developer with a demonstrated track record of staying ahead of technological trends.

  • Trusted adviser to organizations, investors, product, and service innovators charged with making strategic technology decisions and understanding market dynamics.

  • Energetic thought leader that challenges the status quo and encourages new ways of thinking about technology and trends.

  • Compelling analytical, communication, and leadership abilities; committed to inspiring action and success. 


  • Creative problem solver focused on delivering results through innovation and strategic approaches to technology decision making.

  • Technical and intuitive. Able to see ahead of the curve and identify patterns to “connect the dots” between technology, innovation, and business movements.

  • Systems thinker capable of seeing opportunities and consequences related to choices and changes.

  • Practical, pragmatic, and collaborative: skilled at building consensus and working with constraints.

  • Curious and enthusiastic collaborator ready to guide teams through complex undertakings, innovation, and transformation.

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